Village House

Village house is Eskala’s garden restaurant serving quality, nutritionally balanced menu and Authentic Rakhine food. We see importance in the natural ingredient and healthy food.Serving the original authentic recipes and Fresh seafood from villages of Rakhine, all our food is carefully prepared from local and organically grown food without vanishing the nutritive value from the ingredient. Must try dishes include Myanmar style pork and potato curry, prawn soup, eggplant, and fried fish.

Not only will you reap the body benefits of organic produced, but you will be part of a worldwide phenomenon heralding the organic label. Prepared by a village lady chef, cooked in open kitchen, guests can observe how their dishes are being prepared. The chef blends fresh ingredients and seasonal product to enhance natural flavors. Enjoy the view of the acclaimed Ngwe Saung Beach while filling your stomach with organic delicacies. This healthy haven will reclaim your insides and put a glow on your face.

Eskala Hotels & Resorts Ngwe Saung is the premier beachfront destination in Myanmar, offering stylish rooms and villas with charming ocean views.


  •   Ngwe Saung Beach, Pathein,
    Ayeyarwaddy Division, Myanmar.
  •   Hot Line No: +95 42 40341
  •   Hot Line No: +95 42 40343

Head Office

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